Account Connections


The Account Connection object represents the relationship between your enterprise and a creator. It includes such details as the creator's name, how they've connected (Nerve or ACH), and what permissions they have granted you.
For a typical integration, you'll create one Account Connection for each creator in your system, and store the ID with your creator data. You can do this ahead of time, say during creator enrollment in your system, or right after a creator requests to be paid by Nerve. Either way, an Account Connection must be created before a Connect Link can be generated or a Connect Invite can be sent.


Create Account Connection
Get Account Connection
Get Account Connection by External ID
Update Account Connection
List Account Connections


id string Identifier for this account connection.
type string Type of account connection. One of nerve or ach. This field will populated once the creator has connected to your enterprise and selected a payout method.
status string Status of account connection. One of created, active, or deleted. Only users can activate their connection (through the Connect flow).
requested_permissions string[] Array of permissions to request from the user during the Connect flow. Possible values:
Deposit to creator accounts.
Debit creator accounts. (type nerve connections only)
Get creator personal info and KYC results. (type nerve connections only)
Get account balance. (type nerve connections only)
Get account transaction activity. (type nerve connections only)
7-day access to personal_info, balance, and activity. Useful for short-term needs, such as loan underwriting.
Only ask for permissions you need to use; asking for more than you need might cause users to opt-out of connecting to you.
permissions object[] List of permissions granted by the creator during the Connect flow. Each permission object includes a name and an optional expires_at.
first_name string Legal first name from your records.
last_name string Legal last name from your records.
external_id string Optional user identifier from your system. If set, Nerve enforce uniqueness, e.g. attempts to create a second account connection for the same user will fail. This should be a stable value like a User ID, not something that might change like an email address or phone number. This value should not contain any sensitive information.
email string Email address from your records. Note, this does not need to match the user's Nerve account email address, this is just an email address you use to communicate with this user. See sandbox testing for more information about using emails in sandbox.
business_name string Legal business name from your records.
verification_prompt string Text to prompt your users for their verification answer. Examples:
  • Please enter the last 4 digits of your tax ID.
  • Please enter your Tape Daddy Artist ID.
  • Please enter the last 4 digits of the bank account number where you currently receive your Tape Daddy payments.
verification_answer string Required answer to the verification prompt. Nerve will correct for case sensitivity and trim excess white space before comparing the user's entered value. Any special formatting requirements should either be avoided or included in the verification prompt itself.
legacy_payout_method object An optional object describing legacy payout method details that can be set on new account connections. Used to migrate a creator’s existing payout method to Nerve. Options and requirements:
PayPal or Venmo
Example ACH Object
"type": "ach",
"name_on_account": "Paul McCartney",
"account_number": "12341234",
"routing_number": "111000025",
"account_type": "checking",
"first_name": "Paul",
"last_name": "McCartney",
"street_line_1": "123 Main St.",
"city": "Austin",
"state_abbreviation": "TX",
"postal_code": "78704",
"ssn": "111-99-1234"
  • All fields in the example object are required. (There's also an optional street_line_2.)
  • In addition to the bank account information, the collected personal info is used by Nerve for tax purposes.
  • account_number has a maximum length of 17 characters.
  • routing_number must be a valid 9-digit routing number.
  • account_type must be checking or savings.
  • postal_code must be 5 digits.
  • ssn must have 9 digits, and include dash formatting.
Example PayPal Object
"type": "paypal",
"receiver": "[email protected]",
PayPal Integration Required This feature requires you to enable the PayPal integration in the Nerve dashboard.
  • All fields in the example object are required.
  • Type paypal supports both PayPal and Venmo payouts.
  • receiver must be
    • A valid email address, or
    • A mobile number in E.164 format (e.g. +16175551212)
destination string A plaintext label of the current destination account, suitable for display. (Not included in list endpoints.)
user_data object User defined data that can be attached to the object. See the User Data page for details.