Connect Workflow

Easy onboarding for your creators.

Connect is a simple onboarding flow your creators use to activate their connection to you. Your platform will use Connect Links to securely launch this personalized flow from inside an authenticated session. Nerve handles the onboarding, then we redirect back to you once complete.
Connect is responsive, so you can

What if my creators don't have Nerve accounts?

No problem! We'll help your US-based creators open a business account inside Connect in under a minute — no paperwork required. Nerve takes care of things so you don't have to:
Nerve handles:
  • Know your customer. We verify the identity of each new accountholder.
  • Debit cards. We mail debit cards to all account holders.
  • Statements. We generate monthly statements for all accounts.
  • Tax reporting. We generate 1099K forms for accountholders.
  • Customer support. We handle banking customer support for accountholders.
  • Other features. The Nerve app offer accountholders linked savings accounts with automatic savings, external transfers, card controls, ATM finder, multiuser business accounts, peer-to-peer payments, transaction and security alerts


Connect asks your creators for the requested_permissions you set on their account connection. Only ask for permissions you need to use; asking for more than you need might cause creators to opt-out of connecting to you. See Account Connections for how to set requested permissions. Supported permissions:
Deposit to creator accounts.
Debit creator accounts. (type nerve connections only)
Get creator personal info and KYC results. (type nerve connections only)
Get account balance. (type nerve connections only)
Get account transaction activity. (type nerve connections only)
7-day access to personal_info, balance, and activity. Useful for short-term needs, such as loan underwriting.

Starting the Connect Flow

You'll create a Connect Link for your creator using the above information, and a return_url. The Connect Link object includes a unique url to initiate the Connect flow that you should redirect your user to. Only open this URL during an authenticated session in your platform's application.
Connect links can be used only once, and expire 10 minutes after creation.
Don’t email, text, or otherwise send account link URLs directly to your user. Doing so could allow unauthorized people to connect to your platform. Instead, redirect the authenticated user to the account link URL from within your platform’s application.

Closing the Loop

Once the Connect flow is complete, Nerve will redirect your creator back to your return_url, or if embedded will post messages to your app (see the embedded guides listed under Connect in the left navigation). You should then check the details of the account connection you've stored in your system to see the results.
You can use HTTP for your return_url while in test mode (for example, to test with localhost), but you can only use HTTPS in live mode. Be sure to swap testing URLs for HTTPS URLs before going live.
You'll also be sent a account_connection.update webhook notification.