The Payout object represents a payment from you to one of your activated connections.

Permission Required

Creating payouts requires the permission from the selected account connection. This permission will be granted automatically if a legacy payout method is specified when creating the account connection.
Different in Sandbox
Since your operating account funds are limited in sandbox, we've limited payouts in sandbox to $20.00 each.

Payout Lifecycle

Each payout follows a lifecycle with events and timing depend on the type of the account connection receiving the payout. Payouts to inactive account connections are considered unclaimed and allow the recipient 30 days to activate their account connection and receive their payout. This diagram shows lifecycle events for the different types of payouts:
Payout Lifecycle. See Front Me for more information about providing advances to your creators.


Create Payout
Create Payout Batch
Get Payout
Update Payout
List Payouts
List Payouts for Account Connection


id string Identifier for this payout.
account_connection string ID of Account Connection to pay
description string Description of payout. (Visible to creators.)
date string Schedule a future payout by setting its date with an ISO 8601 date/time string. If omitted, payout will be queued for processing immediately.
offer_advance boolean If your enterprise is enrolled in Front Me®, this option allows you to disable offers for this payout instance. (Default: true)
destination string A plaintext label of the payout's destination account, suitable for display.
amount_in_cents number Amount in cents, e.g. $1.00 would be the number 100.
fee_in_cents number Fee paid to Nerve for this payout, in cents, e.g. $1.00 would be the number 100.
type string Type of payment. One of nerve, ach, paypal, or unclaimed. This field will be populated based on the Account Connection type at the time of payment. Note: Payouts to inactive account connections are considered unclaimed and allow the recipient 30 days to activate their account connnection and receive their payout.
activity [object] An activity log that tracks the status changes, internal transfers, and any errors associated with a given payout.
status string Status of payout. One of
Initial status after object creation. Payouts should only remain in this status a few seconds.
Once a payout's funds (amount + estimated fee) have been moved to your enterprise's pending payouts account, the payout will be changed to ready status.
The payment to the creator has been initiated, based on the type of the account connection. Final fees are calculated, and any over-estimated fees are put back in your operating account.
ACH: Payment is queued for processing, which happens periodically throughout the banking day. PayPal: The money has been moved to your enterprise's Move To PayPal account.
Nerve: The payment was completed and the amount is now available in the creator's account.
ACH: The payment was processed and sent out to the ACH network for clearing and settlement. PayPal: The payment has been sent via the PayPal API.
The transfer encountered an error during processing. The reasons a transfer might be set to error include insufficient funds, suspected fraud, or failed validation. Check your payout's activity log for details.
returned (ACH + PayPal only)
The transfer was processed and sent, but the network or receiving bank could not complete the transfer successfully. ACH: The payout amount has been returned to your operating account. PayPal: The payout amount remains in your PayPal account.
The payout was canceled by you before its date. The pending funds have been returned to your operating account.
user_data object User defined data that can be attached to the object. See the User Data section for details.