Personal Info


The Personal Info object represents the personal info associated with one of your activated connections.

Permission Required

Getting personal information requires the personal_info permission from the selected account connection.


Get Personal Info


account_connection string Account Connection ID
verification_status string Whether or not this personal information passed Nerve's KYC checks. Possible values: null, verified, failed
citizenship string 2-character country code. Possible values: US
is_over_18 boolean Whether or not the individual is at least 18 years of age
tax_id_last_4 string Last 4 digits of tax ID. (SSN in US.)
first_name string First name. Max 40 characters
last_name string Last name. Max 40 characters
suffix_name string Name suffix. Max 40 characters
city string Physical address, city
state string Physical address, state
postal_code string Physical address, postal code
country string Physical address, county
mobile_number_last_4 string Last 4 digits of mobile phone number