Moving to Production

Certain configurability for your enterprise is available/required before moving to production:

Allowed Permissions

In sandbox, all permissions are available for your account to request from users. Before moving to production, Nerve needs to approve usage of the following permission requests: personal_info, balance, activity, all_data+7

Creator Verification

If your use case includes onboarding unverified users, Nerve will enable a required "creator verification" step in the Connect flow.

Offering ACH

While ACH payouts are seamless to your organization, some integrations might not benefit from offering an ACH option. Nerve can disable the ACH option for your organization. Note: When requesting any Nerve-only permissions from a creator (i.e. payment.debit, personal_info, balance, or activity), ACH will not be presented as an option.

Use Case

Nerve provide a few use cases with localized (currently English and Spanish) language that briefly describes how your organization uses Nerve during the Connect flow. The default use case is "Payout". Contact Nerve if another use case better matches your offering.
"{enterprise_name} uses Nerve to pay you."
"{enterprise_name} uses Nerve to advance you money."
"{enterprise_name} uses Nerve to loan you money."
"{enterprise_name} is partnered with Nerve."